Ed Hebert

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Ed Hebert

I'm a designer, developer and project manager with expertise in both digital media and consumer products.

I enjoy making useful and/or interesting things, and generally try to keep life as simple and fun as possible. I keep myself busy with hobbies like sailing, photography, guitar, armchair architecture, and all sorts of tinkering.

I'm married to a wonderful woman, I'm the father three amazingly curious and happy little kids, and I'm papa bear to a slobbery albeit lovable yellow Labrador Retriever.

By day, I'm the Sr. Manager of Product Development for Titleist, a company that manufactures golf equipment. My team and I develop the company's next-generation products, and we invent new stuff along the way.

I'm equally passionate digital media and its role in education. I'm currently a student at Harvard Extension School, where I'm pursuing a Masters in Digital Media and Instructional Design.

In 2001, I founded a creative technology consultancy called The Blue Ocean. We provide digital design, development, and communications services to small businesses, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and other interesting folks.