Ed Hebert

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As a first-time expectant father back in 2008, I had more than my fair share of anxiety and excitement about the future. Looking for a way to channel that energy productively, I happened upon the perfect project.

I found a set of plans for a 1:3 scale adaptation of a Flattie Skiff, just the perfect size to hold a 1:3 scale little human.

The boat was constructed traditional lapstrake techniques, using 5/16" okoume and cedar over a backbone of quartersawn white oak. It's traditionally fastened using copper nails and roves.

The boat's knees, transom, rub rail, and the supportive davits are made of Honduran mahogany, which are through-tenoned and pinned with copper rod for easy disassembly. The transom is lettered with gold leaf.

The boat safely carried my daughter through the first three months of her voyage. It's now enjoying its recommission as a Noah's Ark full of assorted stuffed animals.